Friday, May 11, 2012

Now, I'm not going to say aliens, but . . .

I love a good conspiracy, and when that conspiracy involves aliens I love it even more. Nothing gets my writer juices flowing better than a delicious what if? scenario.

That being said, I recently came across some articles about a possible unidentified flying object hovering around the sun. The pictures are pretty interesting to look at, and NASA's reaction a bit underwhelming for my taste. But even if it just happens to be some cosmic rays or a camera glitch, it's still fun to speculate what else it could be. Maybe some extraterrestrials refueling on the sun? An alien space station, perhaps?

I'll tell you one thing it definitely is: some great sci-fi story inspiration.

If aliens are out there, and they finally make their way to Earth, how do you think first contact will go down?


  1. Hayley, ARE YOU THERE? Haven't seen anything on this blog since the alien post, have you been abducted?

    1. Haha! Alas, no fun alien encounters! For the last few months, I've just been editing my novels and reading a bunch. Now I'm writing a new novel--just started it yesterday, in fact--so I'm keeping busy this summer! But at least it's a nice productive-feeling kind of busy. =)

  2. Yup, it feels good to be productive. Life is too short to waste. Soo much to learn, soo little time.

  3. Hayley, did you watch the Curiosity land on Mars? That ought to make for some good writing.

  4. Hayley,
    The vacation is coming to an end and I've seen no new posts on this blog. Someone told me they would have more time while they were on Christmas break.
    I ' m w a i t i n g!